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June 28, 2018

Major Destination Guide: Prague

Prague is a city that will transport you to the past. The antiquated nature of this city is seen in the architecture, infrastructure, and culture. It is refreshing to see a city that maintains its historical charm despite being infiltrated with tourists. There is an old town and a new town to Prague. Old Town Square is one of the oldest places in Europe and served as the city’s central marketplace in the 12th century. New Town isn’t exactly new…It was established in 1348. But, it is newer than Old Town, which by default, makes it new. The sites in both Old and New Town Prague are fairly close together.

I spent 2.5 days in Prague and felt it was plenty of time to see all I desired. What are the best things to do in Prague? Check out the list below. Put on your walking shoes, muster up some energy and get going!

Best Things to do in Prague Views

Best Things to do in Prague

Walk along the river

The river offers beautiful scenery of Prague from many different angles. You can catch glimpses of the Old Town, the various bridges and historic buildings. Trust me, you could stare at the Czech architecture forever.


Charles Bridge

This iconic bridge crosses the Vltava river and provides great views of Prague castle and Old Town.


Best Things to do in Prague Charles Bridge


Prague Castle

You will catch a glimpse of Prague Castle everywhere you turn. It is perched upon a hill overlooking the entire city.  You can walk up to the Castle or take public transportation there. It is a massive estate that offers incredible views of Prague and beyond. Give yourself plenty of time to explore.


Best Things to do in Prague Castle

Best Things to do in Prague Castle Views


Old Town Square

A classic, historic square in Europe. There is always something exciting happening. Like a man with a Python around his neck that you can hold. No joke. Old Town Square was lit up with hot pink balloons because of a breast cancer walk. It was a stunning mix of old and new! A cultural experience and beautiful view all in one.

Best Things to do in Prague Old Town and Pink

Best Things to do in Prague Old Town Square


Dancing House

This funky building is a controversial piece of architecture in Prague. The curvy party of the building represents the female, while the white crown at the top represents the male. I think you can see why this might be controversial in this day and age.

Best Things to do in Prague Dancing House


Lennon Wall

Created by the legend John Lennon, this wall was a symbol of peace and love. The words are ever changing because anyone is able to spray paint on the wall. But the words also form a deep connection to all who view the wall.

Best Things to do in Prague Lennon Wall


Try a Trdelnik

A trdelnik (pronunciation still a ?) is a delicacy in Prague that will go straight to your hips. It is a large sugary cinnamon roll flavored cone filled with ice cream or whipped cream and topped with strawberries, Nutella, bananas or other sweets. Yes, it is just as incredible as it sounds.


Best Things to do in Prague Trdelnik


River Boat Cruise

Perhaps my favorite thing we did in Prague was a dinner cruise along the Vltava River. You can read more about it here.

Best Things to do in Prague River Boat Cruise


Side Note – I highly recommend a private guided tour to walk you through Old Town or iconic sites in Prague. Another great way to cover the area is by doing a Hop on Hop Off bus tour. It’s cheesy I know. BUT a tour will save you time and will allow you to be informed about what you are seeing.


Best Things to do in Prague Petrin Hill


Interested in visiting Prague? Be sure to reach out to our team here and we can get to planning!







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