Your time is scarce and valuable. Don't spend it reading online reviews. Major Traveler offers luxury travel services to take care of the planning for you. Whether you are a bucket-lister or a first time traveler, Major Traveler will work with you to take your trip above and beyond your expectations. 

After an initial consultation, we will provide you with preliminary proposals. Major Traveler works to secure the best rates, while arranging unique experiences tailored to you. Occasionally, Major Traveler is able to secure rates below what the average traveler is able to find online. We do not have hidden fees and advocate for our clients under all circumstances. 

Leisure travel



Major Traveler specializes in the following leisure services: 

Family Vacations
Multi-Country Europe Trips
Bachelorette Weekends
Yacht Charters
Villa Rentals
Spa & Wellness Trips
Weekend Getaways
Travel Insurance

*travel planning fees begin at $300

Leave room for spontaneous exploration and don't over-schedule your itinerary! 

Try any new food at least once

Roll your clothes (I promise it's a space saver!)

Always pack jewelry in your carry-on

At the end of your trip, make a montage with all of your photos and videos. You're much more likely to watch it again and again! 

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