Anthony bourdain

"It seems that the more places I see and experience, the bigger I realize the world to be. The more I become aware of, the more I realize how relatively little I know of it, how many places I have to still go and how much more there is to learn" 

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Major Traveler has a team of fully equipped, well-trained advisors with the highest level of client service and wealth of travel experience. When you fill out our contact form, feel free to request a specific Major Travel Advisor to work with, or let us do the match-making for you! 

Emma Schroeder

Founder & Luxury travel advisor
Atlanta, GA

lindsay nation

Luxury travel advisor

sara ellis snellings

Luxury travel advisor
Greenville, SC

arleigh ogilvie

Luxury travel advisor

leah schriver

Luxury travel advisor
orlando, fl

pam strickland

Luxury travel advisor
atlanta, ga

nancy pollock

Luxury travel advisor

katie shea

Luxury travel advisor
Nashville, tn

Emily west

Luxury travel advisor
Birmingham, al

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Leave room for spontaneous exploration and don't over-schedule your itinerary! 

Try any new food at least once

Roll your clothes (I promise it's a space saver!)

Always pack jewelry in your carry-on

At the end of your trip, make a montage with all of your photos and videos. You're much more likely to watch it again and again! 

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