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"It seems that the more places I see and experience, the bigger I realize the world to be. The more I become aware of, the more I realize how relatively little I know of it, how many places I have to still go and how much more there is to learn" 

After graduating from the University of Georgia with a BS degree in Marketing, Emma moved to Atlanta to work for a strategic marketing and communications firm. She found a love for building client relationships, but had an undeniable passion for the travel industry, leading her to pursue her dreams through Major Traveler. Through her travels, she has realized the value in stepping outside of your comfort zone and broadening your perspective, constantly seeking new destinations and unique corners of the world so that her clients can have memorable experiences. 

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Arleigh MacMaster
travel advisor and mt assistant

Meet the Major Traveler Team!

Arleigh is a Boston University graduate with a degree in Hospitality Administration. Following her graduation, she moved to Australia for a year where she lived in Sydney and spent her free time traveling throughout the South Pacific. Upon returning home for Philadelphia, her love for travel to create once in a lifetime experiences prompted a career switch to the travel industry. After working in both luxury and budget travel, Arleigh landed on the Major Traveler team as a Luxury Travel Advisor! 

Travel advisor 

Since graduating from the University of Georgia with a B.S. in Health Promotion, Lindsay has moved throughout the Southeast multiple times with jobs in corporate wellness and collegiate athletic development. She has most enjoyed building relationships with clients and donors and believes to her core that personal relationships and experiences directly impact every aspect of one's health. Helping others create experiences that improve their personal well-being is what makes her tick! Lindsay finds that traveling creates her strongest sense of adventure and her truest sense of self. Combining her event planning skills with her affinity for traveling, she hopes to instill a wonder for the beauty of this world in her clients and provide security in knowing their trip has every detail and all of their desires and dreams in reach. 

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After a 37 year career in the airline industry, Pam is starting a new chapter where she can use her experience to create your dreams! She loves interacting with her clients, building relationships and sharing her "insider" secrets regarding where to go, what to see, and where to dine. Regardless of the destination, she remains a tourist, always seeking out new adventures! Pam understands the importance of listening to her clients so she can create a personal, meaningful and memorable experience. 

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Sara Ellis grew up in Greenville, SC, where she lives now! She graduated the University of Georgia with a BS in Anthropology, which combined her love of exploring the world with learning about culture and psychology. She went on to work in marketing and social media for several years before taking the plunge into the world of travel. Sara Ellis has been passionate about travel, photography, food, nature, culture and learning for years, and she is excited to combine her passions with her client relation and marketing skills. She looks forward to helping clients explore new places and make memories that last a lifetime! 

Major Traveler has a team of fully equipped, well-trained advisors with the highest level of client service and wealth of travel experience. When you fill out our contact form, feel free to request a specific Major Travel Advisor to work with, or let us do the match-making for you! 

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Leah was born and raised in Southwest Florida but now calls Orlando home since, attending the University of Central Florida, Charge On! Growing up in a once quiet beach town, the water is Leah’s serenity but honestly, she is just a quester for a scenic view. Leah obtained degrees in both Social Work & Nonprofit Management and went on to pursue a career in Higher Education, in hope to help others. But her love for planning, especially trips, ultimately lead her to Major Traveler where she now enjoys helping other’s dreams of travel come true. Leah and her husband enjoy weekend getaways, exploring and eating their way across the country. And now as a new mom, she cannot wait to show her little one the world!

Leave room for spontaneous exploration and don't over-schedule your itinerary! 

Try any new food at least once

Roll your clothes (I promise it's a space saver!)

Always pack jewelry in your carry-on

At the end of your trip, make a montage with all of your photos and videos. You're much more likely to watch it again and again! 

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