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April 30, 2018

Airport Style

Gone are the days when airplane passengers dressed in suits and fancy clothes. When I was a kid in the 90’s, I didn’t dare wear jeans on an airplane. Flying to a new destination was once considered a luxury. It is has now become a common method of transportation and much more casual. Airport style can be tricky with the comfy cute vibe. Often, you want to dress for your destination. If you arrive around dinner time, you might have to jump off the plane and head to a restaurant. If you are on an overnight flight to a different country, you will likely arrive in the morning and need to be ready for a day of exploring.

The secret to airport style with international travel is…layers. It is easy to pair together jeans, sneakers and a cute shirt. Add a sweater, scarf and socks to it and I am ready for a plane nap. Without the layers, I am ready to explore a new city for the day. I am very #thankful that cute sneakers are a current trend. It makes an airport outfit choice seamless. Take a look at a few of our favorite airport outfits. Let us know what your airport style is in the comments.

Airport Style Option 1

Links to these items: sneakers, purse, ripped black jeans, striped shirt, black scarf

Airport Style Option 2

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Airport Style 3

Links to these items: flat shoes, purse, black jeans, gray tee, black blazer, cuff bracelet, earrings


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