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October 1, 2017

Destination Guide: Ronda Spain

Ronda, Spain just might be my favorite tiny city in Spain. When we planned to go to Ronda, I knew little about the city. I also couldn’t get the classic Beach Boys song, Help me Ronda, out of my head. We hopped on a train from Sevilla to Ronda and our goal was to get as much out of Ronda as we could in a day. Here’s what we found are the best things to do in Ronda Spain.

“Ronda, en verdad, es uno de esos lugares de excepción. No conozco nada que se la pueda comparar”

(Ronda is, indeed, one of those places which stands alone. I know nothing to which it can be compared)



Walk around! Ronda is not a big city and you can absolutely cover most of it on foot. There are parks, scenic overlooks and beautiful white houses.

Puente Nuevo: the large, iconic bridge that defines Ronda. This massive structure was built as a way to join the old city with the new city. Make your way to the bottom of the bridge by way of the Camino de Los Molinos.


best things to do in ronda spain puente nuevo


Mirador de Aldehuela: jutting out over the mountainside, this lookout gives you a full picture view of Ronda and all its glory.


best things to do in ronda spain mirador and view


Plaza Duquesa de Parcent: a picturesque Spanish square with a multitude of activities and food spots.

Cuenca Gardens: a series of terraces that wind to and fro down the mountain, providing beautiful views along the way.


best things to do in ronda spain puente nuevo hike



La Pilastra del Torero: I highly recommend this cliffside restaurant. We were hesitant at first due to the fact that it is near a major tourist site (and we all know that restaurants near major tourist sites are typically sub par). However, we all enjoyed our meals and the incredible view.


best things to do in ronda spain salad


Restaurant Bardal: a perfect spot if you are looking for the Chef’s Table experience.

Puerta Granda: a stones throw from the bridge, this restaurant features your Spanish staples from croquettes to paella.

Chocolat: any restaurant named chocolate is immediately going to catch my attention. Whiskey Hot Chocolate is the obvious order choice. The menu also features fantastic chocolate croissants, pastries and coffees.

FUN FACT : Ronda is home to 21 wineries. We weren’t in Ronda long enough to experience a winery, but I have heard that they are amazing. Who doesn’t love a Spanish red?


best things to do in ronda spain house views

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