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October 6, 2017

Destination Guide: Granada Spain

Granada is a magical, picturesque city characterized by steep hills and cobblestone streets. Humans from all around the world flock to Granada to pay a visit to the Alhambra, a palace and fortress from the 1200’s. Aside from the massive Alhambra, there are many things to do and explore in this tiny city. Granada is home to the University of Granada, making it a bustling center for many students and professors alike. The easiest way to reach Granada is by train. If you dare to brave the roads, a car is also a viable option. Lost when it comes to what to do in Granada Spain? Check out our top things.


What to do in Granada Spain Views


My best advice on what to do in Granada Spain is get lost. Go without a map. Wander through the Alhambra all day. Soak in every detail. Meander the streets of Albaycin. Venture to the highest point you can find and watch the sun set on Spain. Experience authentic Flamenco dancing. Granda has so much culture to experience.



Alhambra: chances are, you’re headed to Granada on a mission to see the Alhambra. It is a moorish citadel and palace, with each inch carefully carved and crafted. It boasts complex geometric design, blooming flowers, tall trees, terraced gardens, a reflection pool, and so much more. Purchase your tickets in advance and wear your best pair of walking shoes. You will want at least 3 hours to explore.


What to do in Granada Spain Alhambra


What to do in Granada Spain Alhambra Fountain


Mirador de San Nicolas: grab a taxi and head up to this lookout to catch Granada at sunset. Afterwards, grab a drink or dinner at a nearby restaurant. I can promise you it will make for a very peaceful evening.


What to do in Granada Spain Mirador San Nicolas


Albaycin: stroll through this neighborhood to get a glimpse of the narrow, medieval moorish streets filled with white houses.

Plaza de Bib: boasting a 17th century fountain and 19th century houses, history shines bright in this square of flowers. Grab a bite to eat or may some churros con chocolate.

Walk around along the narrow streets and explore the unique shops. Sometimes shopping gives you the best insight into the culture of a city. (or is that just my excuse for shopping?)



Granada boasts free tapas. You read that right! In most every bar or restaurant, you receive free tapas with the purchase of a drink. This is a true game changer for the budget traveler.

For a nicer meal, try either Alameda Restaurante or La Fábula.

Los Italianos is a must for gelato. You will likely make multiple trips here. Gianduja was my personal favorite – a chocolatey nutella flavor.


Granada is a great stop along the way to Madrid or Barcelona. Check out the top things to do in those cities as well!

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