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November 29, 2017

Major Recap: Hotel La Gare Milano

I must talk about our amazing stay in Hotel La Gare Milano. We originally chose it based on proximity to Milano Centrale, the main train station, to provide easy transportation for each of our day trips. Hotel La Gare Milano is a very sleek and contemporary hotel. I loved that the rooms are large in comparison to most European hotels and the rooftop bar is cozy. There are two unique features that skyrocketed this hotel to my top 10 list.

Hotel La Gare Milano has a fabulous wellness center. It costs 15 euros however you are able to use the center for a day. It is well worth every penny. First, you come to a relaxation room with curved wooden chairs that mold to your body, cool lavender scented towels, fruit and sweet water. Make your way to the steam room, sauna and various showers. These aren’t your every day locker room showers. They are pure luxury. Finally, you arrive at the baths. In reality, these are mazes of hot water pools. It is completely dark, but you may press a button to light up each bath section. We had the entire wellness center to ourselves! After a long day of exploring and walking, the wellness center and baths were both necessary and perfect relaxation.

Wellness Center Hotel La Gare Milano

My second favorite feature is that Hotel La Gare Milano lights up at night. It is silly and childish, I know. Each room has a different color block that glows on the outside (fear not, the rooms have blackout curtains so the light does not intrude on your sleep). I found this to be a memorable and unique feature!

Exterior hotel La gare milano

While there are many accommodation options for your stay in Milan, Hotel La Gare Milano is undeniably a favorite 4-star option. Let’s all go to Milan!

Rooftop of Hotel La Gare Milano

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