Sitting on canal in Venice Italy

A few years ago, I read an article detailing why every millennial needs a side hustle. It said,

“If your side hustle could help you find your purpose and fuel your passions, then isn’t an investment in yourself worth it?”

My side hustle travel blog began as a way to share my passion and create a personal memory book. I managed to fuel my travel fire by stretching allocated paid time off and jet setting on the weekends. But I couldn’t ignore the bug.

As a product of a hard working father and a flight attendant mother, I have been fortunate enough to travel far and travel often. Sure, I have learned my fair share of tips and tricks along the way. But more importantly, I learned what it truly means to travel. I lived in Sevilla, Spain for two months. It’s where I learned that travel is more than seeing the sites. It’s about the experience. It’s about knowledge. It’s about understanding that there is an incredible world beyond where my feet are now standing. A world that contains a breadth of newness, waiting to be explored.

Eventually, my hobby transformed into a full time career move into the travel industry, as a Luxury Travel Consultant. I am able to curate itineraries specific to each traveler, as well as chronicle my travels. My hope in doing so is that it will inspire you to GO. SEE. DISCOVER. To leave a teeny piece of your heart in another city and gain a new perspective.