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January 5, 2024

Major Scoop: Hygge-Inspired Travels

Welcome 2024! We anticipate great creativity, adventure and inspiration in this new year. To get things started, we are excited to share with you the Scandinavian lifestyle concept of Hygge and our recommendations on how to capture hygge in travel. At Major Traveler, we approach winter as a season to reset, savor and dream. If you find yourself in need of a rejuvenating getaway or dreaming of a different kind of adventure during this generally frigid time of year, we’d love to arrange a hygge-focused itinerary for you and any fellow travelers. 


| ho͝ogə | (noun.) a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture).

Pronounced “hoo-guh” (although, let’s be real honest – we pronounce it “hee-jj”), this inspired Scandinavian lifestyle concept derives from a sixteenth-century Norweigian term, hugga, meaning to comfort or to console, relating most closely to the English term hug. Hygge captures all things that are actively, passively, dynamically or kinetically connected to or associated  with relaxation, gratitude, indulgence and coziness. From the joy of a freshly brewed cup of hot coffee enjoyed over a crossword puzzle to snuggling up by a fire with loved ones, Hygge is creating sanctuary in experiences, places and actions. It is the joy of snowshoeing in a sublime snowy landscape, nubby woolen blankets, fresh hotel slippers, falling into a great read, delighting in live music with a great glass of wine, a cup of tea…experiencing and expressing relaxation with loved ones in an intimate atmosphere. Sounds idyllic, right? We’re major fans…let us inspire you with destinations to capture and experience hygge.

hygge travel

Lefay Resort & Spa, Dolomites

Located within the splendid scenery of the Dolomites, the Lefay Resort & Spa is an ideal destination to capture hygge. Leading with luxury touchpoints, minimal interiors and many private areas to relax and feel cozy, Lefay allows its visitors to escape and rejuvenate. Beyond a series of exquisite spa treatments, we would recommend the property’s bespoke pasta making class as an inspired and indulgent hygge activity. Tucked away in Italy’s breathtaking Dolomites mountain range, this time of year lends itself to white capped trees as far as the eye can see. Imagine discovering secrets of an indulgent pasta dish and the joy of enjoying the final product over a great bottle of wine… don’t worry, we can book a long weekend for you to this resort on a moment’s notice. 

dromoland castle hygge

Dromoland Castle Ireland

A magical address in Ireland, Dromoland Castle has been welcoming guests since the sixteenth century. With nobility and hospitality in the property’s DNA, we love to send guests here to experience hygge in the wintertime. The imposing baronial facade, well appointed interiors, indulgent dining and inviting crackling fireplaces, Dromoland is an idyllic spot to escape, read, walk amongst the 500 acre estate, cozy up by the fire and practice hygge across every touchpoint of your experience. We’d recommend bundling up and taking a solo, family or romantic stroll across  frost laden grounds in the garden, soaking up the crisp outdoor air and being welcomed back into the castle with a hot cup of tea or delightful adult beverage to be sipped by a grand fireplace.

hygge at Belmond London

Belmond London

An enchanting hideaway in London’s fashionable Chelsea neighborhood, The Cadogan London offers a luxurious city respite to engage in hygge activities. If you know us well, you know how much we adore Belmond. This graceful abode welcomes guests into its inherently charming and luxurious interiors. A quintessential afternoon tea in the drawing room with a book or a great conversationalist companion would capture the feeling of hygge instantaneously, so too would ordering room service after sleeping in and lounging around in a cozy robe reading the paper or sketching the view outside your window. If London is calling you now or later this year, we are in love with this spot. 

hygge in amsterdam

Pulitzer Amsterdam

Discover quintessential Dutch elegance in the homeland of Hygge at the Pulitzer Amsterdam. This 5-star hotel offers intimate guest rooms, tranquil inner gardens and an award winning bar and restaurants serving simple yet beautifully crafted dishes. A unique blend of traditional Dutch craftsmanship and modern design nestled amongst the city’s most iconic canals, it is an ideal destination to experience the magic of hygge. We’d recommend a bundled up bike ride up and down the canals most of all!

hygge at hotel jerome

Hotel Jerome Aspen

For those looking for the opportunity to engage in and capture hygge stateside, we’d love to kick off recommending Hotel Jerome in Aspen. A delightful winter wonderland exuding charm, luxury and exclusivity, Hotel Jerome is a place to escape for a ski weekend or spa weekend. Its well appointed interiors invite guests to warm up by the fire, engage in self care and enjoy all that the property has to offer. Our recommendation to achieve hygge in Aspen? A Hotel Jerome Espresso Martini…or a few.

hidden pond Maine hygge

Hidden Pond in Maine

Also stateside and located in a dreamy part of the country, Hidden Pond is a resort that we cannot recommend enough. From the moment you arrive, you will know you’re in for an altogether special experience. Surrounded by 60 acres of birch groves and balsam fir in Kennebunkport, Maine, this private luxury resort features a three-room treetop spa, organic dining and an idyllic escape for enjoyment and relaxation. This time of year, we can’t imagine a more beautiful spot to capture hygge than by diving into a great book by a roaring fire at Hidden Pond. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Send us a note, we’d love to tell you more. 

Enchantment Sedona

For those looking to escape the extra chill that sets in across most of the country during the winter, we’d love to recommend finding hygge in Sedona at Enchantment. The resort’s casitas feature Southwestern decor inspired by the location’s iconic landscapes…becoming a gorgeous location to unwind, relax and be cozy. For us, the ultimate hygge activity at Enchantment would be to take advantage of their particularly rejuvenating spa treatments. 

One & Only Mandarina

For warm weather hunters looking for secluded luxury to engage in hygge activities, we’d suggest looking no further than One&Only Mandarina in Mexico. On the edge of a tropical rainforest, overlooking white-sand beaches and the sea, this gorgeous resort invites guests to play, relax and connect with nature. Our ideal hygge activity here would be the ritual of morning coffee enjoyed by your private pool amidst the jungle terrain. We’d love to tell you more about this special destination. 

Interested in learning more about our favorite cozy destinations? You can always book your hotel here to secure our preferred perks. Or, if you have a more in depth request, reach out and let’s talk all things travel!

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