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January 15, 2021

Major Recap: Sugar Beach Viceroy St. Lucia

We recently returned from an incredible honeymoon at Sugar Beach Viceroy in St. Lucia. Getting married in a pandemic had its stressors and planning my own honeymoon came with another set of crazy stress. You would think that working on client’s honeymoons day in and day out would make me a pro at my own honeymoon, however, ‘twas not the case. We started off on the “epic” route (pre-pandemic, mind you). On our short list was Bora Bora, Patagonia, Indonesia, but mostly Fiji and New Zealand. Our hopes and dreams came to a screeching halt when the pandemic hit. We had to do what most of my clients have done over the last year: PIVOT. After much thought, consideration and deliberation, we landed on Sugar Beach Viceroy. 

Sugar Beach Viceroy resort

Why we Chose Sugar Beach Viceroy

We first had to determine our priorities in a honeymoon. The one thing we agreed on most was an ample amount of activity wherever we went. We didn’t want a fully loaded itinerary. We just wanted the option to do activities should we get bored. (Spoiler alert, we never got bored and we laid on the beach all day every day). We also wanted to go somewhere that we had both never been before. Voila, we landed on St. Lucia! We were most drawn to the private villa accommodations along with the volcanic landscape and ample activities. If you’re interested in the process we walked through to plan our honeymoon, you can read the blog here

The Accommodations

Sugar Beach Viceroy accommodations are situated throughout the hillside. The best part about these rooms are the VIEWS! Most of the villas will have beautiful views of the pitons and ocean. If you’re concerned about the hillside situation (it does require a walk or short ride to and from the main area), there are beachfront bungalows. These rooms sit right on the beach, we’re talking steps away. While we love these beautiful villas, I did think they lacked a little bit of privacy. There is a pathway in front of them where you could nearly see into many of the rooms if doors and blinds weren’t closed. However, these would be the perfect accommodations if you have a baby, kids or need to go back to your room frequently. I never once found the hillside villas to be a bother. 

We stayed in a Luxury Villa, which featured a bedroom, separate sitting room, outdoor patio, and private plunge pool overlooking the pitons and the ocean. The room is outfitted in all-white-everything with a four poster bed and massive closet. The sitting room features a couch and chair with a small kitchenette equipped with snacks and drinks. Sodas, bottled water and some snacks are included! The outdoor patio and plunge pool are nothing but dreamy. I loved spending mornings, rainy afternoons and sunsets on our patio. It holds some of my favorite memories! 

Sugar Beach Viceroy rooms
Sugar Beach Viceroy beachfront bungalows
Beachfront bungalows at Sugar Beach Viceroy, St. Lucia

The Food 

It’s likely best to take my food reviews with a grain of salt. Mind you, I have standards, they just are not the highest of standards. My husband on the other hand, has very high standards, so I will give you both of our opinions to paint the picture. There are four main restaurants – The Terrace, Bayside, Cane Bar and The Great Room. The Terrace restaurant is in the beautiful, European-style main building. In short – we went all out on breakfast (it’s included, after all). Our typical breakfast consisted of eggs Benedict, huevos rancheros, or an omelette with a shared French toast or pancake spread. We also made sure to start our day strong with mimosas! Breakfast is the most important, and my favorite, meal of the day. Sugar Beach Viceroy did not let me down! 

After truly filling our tanks on breakfast, we were rarely hungry for lunch. We typically ordered an afternoon snack to split. We ordered a chicken wrap, salad and sandwich, but nothing was truly outstanding until we ordered the fish sandwich! On the last day, too! So save yourself some lunch blues and go straight for the Mahi Mahi Sammy. 

Most nights were spent dining at Bayside, which was a clear and early favorite. The menu didn’t change each night, but we changed our selections. I loved the Mahi Mahi and Stephen loved the Tuna. Each night we split a side or two with our favorite being the Mac & Cheese (obviously). The Great Room opened a few nights into our stay so we only ventured here once. This is Sugar Beach Viceroy’s fine dining restaurant that sits just above the Terrace Restaurant in the main building. The menu features a lineup of carefully curated fish and meat dishes. I ordered a steak and Stephen ordered the pork chop. I personally loved my steak and my glass(es) of red wine served in a beautiful skinny stemmed glass. Stephen was not a fan of his pork chop for the price, but like I said, the kid has high standards. 

Finally, The Cane Bar! This is a more low key dining option with comfortable seating and a full sushi menu. Some clients have claimed that its the best sushi they’ve had! I’m not a sushi gal, but I did love the salad I ordered! We split a veggie roll and that was top notch as well. The Cane Bar has a massive list of sushi rolls, so if you’re a sushi fanatic, this might just be your dream come true. 

The Amenities 

Sugar Beach Viceroy is equipped with just about every amenity you could want. The gym is fantastic and has everything you need to get a great workout in. Sure, the equipment isn’t the most modern I’ve encountered, but the treadmills have a TV and the gym has TRX bands and a full range of weights. Perhaps the most special setting is just outside of the gym. There’s an overlook where yoga and other fitness classes take place. It has, in my opinion, one of the best views on the property! 

There is one main pool that sits between the main building area and the beach. It is a very large pool that is perfect for swimming or even lap swims if you fancy that. I didn’t sit by the pool much because the adjacent beach was too inviting. 

Sugar beach viceroy beach

Snorkeling and Watersports 

I took advantage of the included watersports far more than I imagined. Sugar Beach Viceroy has snorkeling equipment to rent along with a stunning reef off the beach. We snorkeled up and down the reef to see beautiful schools of colorful fish both big and small. Watersports are also widely available at Sugar Beach Viceroy. We opted to water ski for half an hour and had a blast! 

The Activities 

We booked St. Lucia with the excitement that there was much to do outside of the resort for when we became bored of relaxing. Side note: we never got bored of relaxing. There’s of course the spa, which is in a beautiful jungle rainforest. They rarely play music so that you can listen to the sounds of the rainforest during your treatment. Similar to the spa, you can visit the nearby Sulphur Springs, which is a natural hot spring and mud bath. Alongside the fun, there are said to be amazing skin and health benefits! 

spa at sugar beach viceroy

The main activity that I would recommend is a day on the water. You can rent either a sailboat or a catamaran, privately or shared, and spend some time cruising up and down the coast line. You’ll have the chance to spot dolphins and whales, if it’s the right season. Your captain will serve up fresh rum punch or prosecco while you bask in the sun and enjoy the scenery. When you come to Anse Beach, or a similar reef, you’ll anchor for some snorkeling time. Turtle sightings are common! The fish and other wildlife you’ll see are stunning, especially on a sunny day. I personally loved so many things about this experience – the scenery, peace and quiet, getting to know our local captains and much more. It was the perfect day! 

Ready to book your stay to St. Lucia? Reach out to your Major Travel Advisor and let’s get your trip planned! Have any other questions? Send us an email at and we can help to answer! 

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