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September 15, 2018

The Rise in Culinary Travel

Travel and food are two of my very favorite things in this life. While I wouldn’t ever consider myself a foodie, I am an avid lover of food. I’m actually quite picky, but I try to push myself outside of my culinary boundaries. (Lookin’ at you snails). As I started becoming more interested in traveling the world, I realized that often the best way to immerse yourself in a culture is through gastronomy. There is a rise in culinary travel because of this common realization. Food and travel go hand in hand.


Culinary Travel Avocado Toast


Traveling to Eat > Eating While Traveling

Regardless of where you go or how you go, you will eat. You will eat the local food because you have no other option. And by doing this, you will learn. You will learn that salads are a rarity in Spain, that hot dogs are a staple in Vienna, and that salmon tastes better in Alaska. By simply taking part in a meal, you are immersing yourself in a new culture.


Culinary Travel Paella


When I spent time in Italy, I took a cooking class at a local woman’s home. I learned to make a few types of pasta, along with the sauce and Italian limoncello. It blew me away to see what is involved in making authentic pasta. From carefully measuring the flour, to patiently rolling the dough many times over, I realized that pasta is an Italian art form. Each family has their uniquely curated sauces with recipes that have been passed down for generations. Pasta is an important part of Italian culture.


Culinary Travel Gnocchi Pasta


Unique Food Experiences

Learning about culture through food doesn’t always have to look like a meal. There are so many cool experiences in a destination that involve food. Here are a few on my bucket list:

  • Cook your Catch in the Caribbean – hook a fish and eat it for dinner!
  • My Craft Distillery in Kentucky – here you have the opportunity to make your own whiskey. Every 6 months, you are sent samples of your whiskey until you are satisfied with the age and taste.
  • Day in the Life of a Chef at Blackberry Farm – spend the day with a top chef to see their culinary routine firsthand.
  • Boston Prime Instagram Table – a custom table in the restaurant designed to help customers take better Instagram pictures.


Culinary Travel Pretzels Vienna


Be intentional with food while you travel and trust in the positive impact it will have on your experience.


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