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July 17, 2018

Major Recap: Terra Dominicata

Pour yourself a glass of wine and let’s have a chat about the Spanish wine region. Whether you are a wine connoisseur or still on the road to discovery, the wine regions of Spain are not to be missed. Pay a visit to Penedés, the home of Spanish sparkling wine and learn about the interworkings of Cava. Immerse yourself in the reds of the Rioja region, where Tempranillo and Garnacha grapes grow best. Perhaps my new favorite is Priorat, where the wines are as old as the land. The region is largely unspoiled with a few stone-built towns sprinkled throughout the region. Priorat is even more enticing with the opening of the region’s first 5-star property, Terra Dominicata…


Where to Stay in Spain Terra Dominicata Pool


Authentic wine-country luxury awaits you at the brand-new Terra Dominicata. Located 2 hours from Barcelona by car, this 5-star monastery converted to a hotel is beyond worth the trip. Terra Dominicata offers 26 rooms, uniquely decorated to make you feel at home. And that’s the best part. Terra Dominicata makes you feel at home, which believe me, is of utmost importance when you are an ocean away from actual home.


Where to Stay in Spain Terra Dominicata Lobby

Where to Stay in Spain Terra Dominicata Room


The outdoor terrace is perched on a mountain overlooking the hills of Priorat. This quiet spot is where you will have breakfast, lunch and dinner. You might even catch the Chef hosting a show cooking and learn how to make tuna tartar and a Spanish Bloody Mary with shrimp and oil caviar. After dinner, meander inside to grab a drink and chat with the bartender.


Where to Stay in Spain Terra Dominicata Terrace

Where to Stay in Spain Terra Dominicata Bar


If you should tire of tasting Spanish wines throughout the region, Terra Dominicata has plenty of other activities to keep the traveler busy. Hop on a bike, go for a hike, or lounge by the pool. (You would absolutely find me by the pool soaking in the sun and breathtaking views). I mean look at these views! If you are new to wine or consider yourself an amateur sommelier, you should scoot Terra Dominicata to the top of your bucket list. I can promise you it is worth the trip.


Terra Dominicata Where to Stay in Spain


If you’re headed on a tour de Spain, consider visiting Barcelona, Sevilla, Madrid, Ronda and Granada while you’re there 🙂 They’re my personal favorites!

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