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May 6, 2018

Where to Eat in Miami

Oftentimes, the hardest part about venturing to a new city is food. It’s an important detail that can be overlooked in the midst of planning hotels, attractions and logistics. With so many options at our fingertips and endless pages of Trip Advisor reviews, it can be very difficult to decide on a last-minute restaurant. It’s important to experience the food in a destination. It helps you to better understand the city and its culture. I always try to make an effort to eat in places that are unique to that specific destination. For example, I love Rosa Mexicana. They make the guacamole at your table, so how could you not love it. There is one in Miami, and as much as I want to eat there, I resist because I know that I could eat there anytime I want at the Atlanta location. I would rather eat somewhere with a local chef to experience a restaurant that is special to Miami. So, where to eat in Miami. Your options are simply endless. I’ll share a few of my top Miami restaurants so you can plan where to eat in Miami next time you find yourself in the city.


where to eat in miami avocado toast



Cecconi’s is a modern classic Italian restaurant located in Soho Beach House. Soho House is a members’ only club that I admire greatly. It is specifically for people in the creative industries and has clubs all across Europe and North America. Soho House strives to create a comfortable home away from home for each of its members and its properties around the world are simply stunning. Cecconi’s is located in the courtyard of Soho Beach House. It has the coolest atmosphere with string lights, greenery and charming décor. We opted to eat here for breakfast. The menu featured smoothie bowls, egg white omelets and avocado toast. I will say, their avocado toast was amazing and filling. At the end of our meal, our waiter brought the juice of the day, which was a combination of lemon, mint, cucumber, kale and other healthy things I can’t remember. Overall, the service, décor and food get an A+ in my book!


where to eat in miami cecconis


Two words: fried chicken. Known for their chicken and waffles, Yardbird’s southern comfort soul food did not disappoint. We started with brussels sprouts and biscuits. Incredible. I ordered the kale salad with chicken (trying to be healthy guys), but drooled over what those around us ordered. Most people ordered the chicken and waffles. It was a literal mountain of chicken on top of waffles. Our table neighbors did it right with chicken and waffles + macaroni and cheese + grits. Food envy to the max. Is it inappropriate to ask table neighbors for a bite? I wish I could sample each item on the menu. It all looked amazing. My favorite detail: the wine list has a specific selection of wines that pair well with fried chicken.


where to eat in miami yardbird


Malibu Farm

Fancy a farm to table restaurant? Eden Roc’s new Malibu Farm restaurant is the prime spot. It is located on the beach with stunning ocean views and very modern, clean décor. Yes, I love to eat healthy, but I’m always a little nervous about farm to table restaurants. Sometimes the food can be a little too farm to table. Catch my drift? Malibu Farm was not like this. It was the perfect balance. I ordered the chicken ricotta burger and it was juicy and delicious. It came with a side of broccoli mashed potatoes and kale salad. I’m not planning to add broccoli mashed potatoes to my list of favorite foods anytime soon, but I did enjoy it! Other staples at Malibu Farm include the taco trio and avocado pizza.


where to eat in miami malibu farm


Quattro is an upscale Italian restaurant located on the bustling Lincoln Road. There is both indoor and outdoor seating, but don’t worry, it is a quieter setting than what you would expect for Lincoln Road. Quattro’s specialty pastas are worth the expense. Gnocchi with Tomato Sauce, Fontina and Tleggio Cheese Ravioli, Handmade Tagliolini with lobster are just to name a few. Pair it with some red wine and you will feel that you have just transported to a quaint Italian town.

Side note: If you’re ever at a loss of where to eat in Miami, venture down Lincoln Road Mall. There are tons of options for a multitude of price ranges.


where to eat in miami quattro


Joe’s Stone Crab

The infamous Joe’s Stone Crab.  Joe’s was opened in 1913 and is a top spot for Florida stone crab. It is frequently visited by politicians, actors, athletes and other famous humans. Order the stone crab if that is your thing and make sure to top it off with Joe’s Key Lime Pie. Joe’s doesn’t take reservations, so be prepared to wait. You will probably find someone who knows a guy who knows a guy who can get you in. But don’t be fooled, you will likely still have to wait for an hour or two.

Prime One Twelve

When you’re searching for where to eat in Miami, you might pass up a steakhouse for coastal seafood, but trust me, Prime One Twelve is not to be missed. Yes, the steaks are out of this world, but the appetizers, sides and desserts are to die for. Lobster Mac n Cheese, slow roasted Brussels Sprouts, Fried Green Tomatoes with Pimento Cheese, just to name a few. Now for dessert…I still dream about the Fried Oreos. They are that good.


where to eat in miami prime 112

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