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May 25, 2018

Guide to: Kensington Palace, London

Kensington Palace is a royal residence located on the outer edge of Hyde Park. You might know it as the place where Kate, William, Meghan and Harry currently reside. It is a striking property  set in a beautiful area of London. I have been to London many times and am always drawn to Kensington Palace. I jump at the chance to run or walk through this area of Hyde Park to see the gardens, spend time at the swan pond or grab a coffee next to Diana’s Memorial Playground. There is so much to do and see, and while the outside may be peaceful at times, I always imagine what’s going on inside the bustling palace.


Kensington Palace and Gardens


My very favorite part of Kensington Palace is the Sunken Garden. In 2017, the garden was transformed to a white garden as a tribute to Princess Diana. It featured “forget-me-nots”, roses, tulips and more. It is now blooming with pinks, reds and whites to create the most beautiful scenery. I couldn’t get enough of this garden! (Clearly, as indicated by pics).


Kensington Gardens

Kensington Palace Selfie

Kensington Palace Sunken Garden


Take it a step further and go inside of Kensington Palace to catch a glimpse of the Royal History. You can walk through the lavish State Apartments of the King and Queen. The rooms on display paint a picture of spaces where the Queen would entertain, eat and relax. The State Apartments were used for the King and Queen to hold audiences and meetings. As you walk through, you will see fashion, furniture, thrones and porcelain that will enable you to visualize what it was like to attend an event at The Palace.


Kensington Palace Gate


From the King and Queen State Apartments, step into the life of Queen Victoria. This exhibit will walk you through everything Queen Victoria – her attire, character, children and impact as a Monarch. I loved that this exhibit showcased the ups and downs of Victoria’s private life. She did become Queen at the age of 18 and I can imagine that was not an easy job. The exhibit contains journals and quotes that depict her time as Queen. You will also be privy to writings that detail her grief following the loss of her beloved Albert. Queen Victoria had an amazing 63 year reign as Queen and remains a massive part of British culture and tradition today.


Kensington Palace Jewels


Finally, my very favorite part of Kensington Palace – the Diana Fashion Exhibit. While the other exhibits feel removed from reality, the Diana exhibit hits home in a very real way. I grew up seeing pictures and documentaries that portray Diana’s life as the queen of people’s hearts. It was amazing to get up close and personal with the outfits she wore to some of her biggest engagements. The walls are filled with quotes from Dianna and about Dianna. My personal favorite is, “Sometimes I can be a little outrageous, which is quite nice. Sometimes”. You will get to see the process by which Dianna chose her outfits. Designers from around the world would send her sketches with fabric swatches and descriptions to help dress her for engagements. It was quite the gig for designers because their outfits immediately sold out once worn by Dianna. I could have spent the entire day in this exhibit!


Princess Diana Quotes

Sketch of Princess Diana


I am typically not a fan of museums, Palaces and exhibits, but I truly believe Kensington Palace is one you must not miss when in London.


Swans in Hyde Park

For the full Royal London tour, take a day to visit Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace!


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