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May 30, 2018

Afternoon Tea in London

One thing I would like to adopt from British culture is afternoon tea. Afternoon tea was created as a bridge between meals. I mean, who doesn’t get hungry between lunch and dinner? Brilliant. Afternoon tea in London is served on a beautifully tiered curate stand and features light foods like scones, sandwiches and sweet pastries. And tea, of course! Afternoon has adapted to various iterations, such as afternoon tea with Prosecco. The way afternoon tea is served makes one feel elegant, regal, and polite. I tried very hard to remember the lessons from my 8th grade etiquette class, but (sorry mom) I think those were lost on me. How exactly do you hold a tea cup? I am still unsure.


Afternoon Tea in London Number 16


Afternoon tea in London is served in the most beautiful way. Tea is served in a tea pot and precedes the food. It is common for the tea to be loose leaf. In this case, you will use the small strainer as you pour tea into your cup. Loose leaf teas are said to provide you with more flavor, aroma and antioxidants than tea bags. A typical afternoon tea menu consists of a black tea, herbal tea, and green tea.


Afternoon Tea in London Tiered Platter


The food accompaniment for afternoon tea is served on a three-tier curate stand. The bottom tier consists of scones, both flavored and plain. The second tier features sandwiches such as cucumber, egg salad, red pepper, and roast beef. Finally, the top tier contains sweet treats and pastries. My favorite is of course the scones because #carbs, but I was pleasantly surprised by the pastries. I had lemon cupcakes, chia seed pudding, and matcha parfaits. These sweet treats put a modern spin on a historical tradition.


Afternoon Tea in London Pastries


There are many places to have afternoon tea in London. I love the charming, luxury boutique Firmdale Hotels. We had afternoon tea at the Orangery at Number Sixteen Hotel. The design is impeccable, unique and quintessential London.


Afternoon Tea in London at Number Sixteen Orangery

Afternoon Tea in London Number Sixteen Gardens


The Ritz in London is well known for their afternoon tea service. It is your classic 5-star hotel with a 5-star afternoon tea. It is in high demand, so you will need to make reservations well in advance.


Afternoon Tea in London at the Ritz


Looking for a fun twist on afternoon tea? Try the Pret-a-Portea at The Berkeley. Tea service is inspired by world fashion with a cheeky nod to fashion week trends, colors and patterns.


Afternoon Tea in London at the Savoy


If you are looking for things to do before and after your afternoon tea in London, visit Kensington Palace or Windsor Castle.

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