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April 4, 2018

Tokyo, Japan Day 6 – Tokyo Tskukiji Fish Market

Travel days must always start with exercise. The last thing on our Tokyo bucket list was the Tokyo Tskukiji Fish Market, the largest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world. Have you picked up on the trend yet? Tokyo has a lot of “largest in the world”. The popular item at the Tokyo Tskukiji Fish Market is the tuna auction. We didn’t wake up quite early enough to catch the auction…but we were able to watch a fresh tuna being prepared for market. This is not for the faint of heart, but a fascinating process to watch. The outdoor market features some of the freshest seafood you will ever encounter. As you peruse each vendor, you can taste samples or watch the pros inspect each product.

Fresh Produce Tokyo Tskukiji Fish Market

Rainy Day at Toyko Tskukiji Fish Market

We were not about to let the rain stop us from enjoying the market! Although, it is challenging to navigate the narrow streets when everyone is carrying this umbrella.

Raw Fish at Tokyo Tskukiji Fish Market

Tuna Auction at Tokyo Tskukiji Fish Market

Tokyo is an indescribable city. It is massive and overwhelming. At the same time, it is full of charm, tradition, narrow streets and culture. I sincerely hope that you have the opportunity to GO one day. To step out of your comfort zone and see this beautiful corner of the world.

We have chronicled our entire trip on the blog over the last few weeks. You can find each day here – day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4, day 5.

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