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April 11, 2018

Guide to: Lake Como Italy

Lake Como Italy is a place that I truly did not want to leave. It’s a breathtaking destination. In summary, our day on Lake Como was slow. The way life should be. Hopefully, by the end of this post, you will understand the magic of Lake Como Italy.


Lake Como Italy Views and Selfie


Lake Como Italy is about a 1.5 hour train ride from Milan, but I can assure you, it is a beautiful train ride through the Italian landscape. As you step off the train, there is a fairly clear pathway down to the water where the ferries are located. There are slow and fast ferries that stop at various points along the lake. We were headed to the infamous Bellagio and opted for the slow ferry, which took around 2 hours. Grab a seat on top, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy the cool Lake Como breeze as you tour around the lake.


Lake Como Italy Como Town


A lot of people told us to take a guided trip around the lake to better understand the history and culture, but we decided to cut our costs here. At some points on the ferry ride, everyone would pull out their phones and take pictures. All at once. We followed suit, knowing that it was probably something important, and looked the site up later. I’d say this cheap tourist move worked out pretty well.

We arrived in Bellagio just as the sun poked through and wandered through the streets of Bellagio, taking our time in this little town.


Lake Como Italy Bellagio View


We then came across the cutest little train. Imagine a Thomas the Tank Engine set, but human sized. It is owned by a couple and functions as a hop on hop off train to see all of the sites in Bellagio. We ~hopped on~ and toured the less explored parts of Bellagio. In other words: very big houses.

At this point, I was starving, per usual. We grabbed a sandwich from a local café and sat on a bench by the water to eat. It. Was. Dreamy. My brie sandwich was dreamy. The location in which I ate my sandwich was dreamy. The company was dreamy (shoutout to you mom). I savored every second.


Lake Como Italy Views


We made our way to the infamous Villa Melzi to see if we were ready to make an offer (jk mom would not allow it). My mom and I did however stand atop the gorgeous stairs overlooking the lake and pretend to invite everyone to our 5:00 cocktail party. We slowly meandered through the gardens of Villa Melzi, taking in the immaculate views of Lake Como Italy from every angle.


Lake Como Italy Villa Melzi


There are times when places, cities, and views make you stop. Admire. Soak it all in. This is what defined Lake Como Italy for me. I wanted to freeze each moment in time. Savor each second. This feeling is few and far between when I travel. Lake Como Italy is THAT beautiful, awe-inspiring, and magical, and we only touched the surface.


Lake Como Italy Lookout


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