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March 28, 2018

Tokyo, Japan Day 3 – Tokyo Imperial Palace

Start today at the Tokyo Imperial Palace, located in the center of the park. I found it most enjoyable to walk around the entire park so you can see all angels and pieces of the Imperial Palace. It is quite a massive estate and the current residence of the Japanese Royal Family. It is fairly difficult to find the Imperial Palace in the midst of the greenery in the park. The Palace is surrounded by a moat, which makes the property even more private.

Tired yet? Hope not. Get ready for some walking today.

PS: catch up on Day 1 and Day 2 if you missed them!

Tokyo Imperial Palace

Tokyo Imperial Palace park

Selfie at Tokyo Imperial Palace

Nearby the Tokyo Imperial Palace is the Hie Shrine. The orange torii gates resemble the highly Instagrammed shrine in Kyoto. Torii gates are commonly found within a Shinto shrine and mark the transition from the mundane to the sacred.

Hie Shrine near Tokyo Imperial Palace

Torii Gates of Hie Shrine near Tokyo Imperial Palace

Grab drinks before dinner at the Public Six in Roppongi Hills. The door to this establishment is a neat circular shape and elevates the place before you even enter. This American-esque pub has a fantastic happy hour menu with cocktails and food. We were craving American food and opted for the mac and cheese. We also ordered Moscow Mules for a very inexpensive price. Never a bad decision.

Finally, from Public Six, walk a few feet down the street to Jomon for dinner. This cozy restaurant has the best yakitori in the city. Think bacon wrapped noodles and chicken meatballs.

Jet lag is a funny thing – sometimes it hits immediately and other times it is a bit delayed. When planning your days for a trip as far away as Tokyo, give yourself some wiggle room in the itinerary. Nothing is worse than dragging your feet to each location. Grab an extra cocktail and move a little slower to reorient yourself to a new place.

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