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March 14, 2018

Major Recap: Ritz Carlton Tokyo, Japan

Lobby and bar on the 45th floor. I feel as if I do not need to say more to convince you that the Ritz Carlton Tokyo is the epitome of luxury. Walking into the Ritz Carlton Tokyo, I felt as if I was missing something. Lobby on the 45th floor? Doesn’t lobby translate to building entrance? Why are we going to the top? As soon as we stepped off of the elevators, I understood.

View from Ritz Carlton Tokyo

We were greeted by gorgeous flower display, a kind staff and 360-degree panoramic views of Tokyo. We made our way around the Ritz Carlton Tokyo lobby area, taking in the intricate details that carefully match Japanese culture. The windows are tall and expansive, so your views of Tokyo are unobstructed. We planned our visit just before sunset to watch the beauty unfold and the lights slowly flicker on in Tokyo. If you’ve been following along on my blog, you will know that this is my most favorite thing to do in any place I visit. I love a good view and the way that it takes my breath away.

Flower Display Ritz Carlton Tokyo

Lobby Ritz Carlton Tokyo

Piano Ritz Carlton Tokyo

Even more so, I love the perspective it brings. We spend our day walking through city streets, exploring them up close. It makes you feel powerful. But when we venture high above the clouds, we zoom out on the details. We finally view the big picture. We realize there is so much yet to be explored.

Sunset Ritz Carlton Tokyo

Both the bar and the views are mesmerizing. Sensory overload. Hopefully the pictures will depict our dilemma. I ordered a very fruity, frozen champagne cocktail, per the bartender’s recommendation. My friend, Mary Wade, ordered a “Flower of Delight” with gin, flower syrup, lemon juice and egg white (we had many, many questions about the egg white). Albeit tempting, we decided we couldn’t afford “The Diamond is Forever Martini” – vodka, lime juice and a ONE CARAT DIAMOND. The drink is presented along with a band singing “diamonds are forever”. After we finished asking our egg white questions, we moved onto bigger and better questions – like “what is your diamond inventory” and “how much revenue are we actually making off this guys”. Oh, you would be so very surprised by his answers.

Bar Ritz Carlton Tokyo

Cocktail Ritz Carlton Tokyo

The Ritz Carlton Tokyo is pure luxury. This is a hotel that you will want to keep top of mind for when you find yourself in Tokyo.

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