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March 19, 2018

Major Recap: Hotel Colombina Venice Italy

I want to feel special when I travel and I desire my experience to be unique. I seek the best of the best in a new location, from hotels to tours to transfers. When trips seamlessly fall into place, it allows me to feel all there in a new destination. Travel is just as much about the feeling as it is about the experience. There are some places I visit where I feel all in with the adventure and never want to leave. This is what it was like staying at Hotel Colombina in Venice Italy. Venice in itself is a magical place to get lost. When you combine it with an amazing hotel experience, you get the perfect vacation.

Hotel Colombina in Venice Italy is located behind St. Marks square, but far enough away that you aren’t disturbed by the hubbub of all the action. It is a 4-star boutique hotel beaming with Venice charm. Situated directly on the canal with its own boat dock, it can be easily located by the blooming purple flowers covering the facade. We sat on our balcony eating cheese and drinking wine, watching the gondolas move up and down the canal, with a backdrop of the Bridge of Sighs. Life simply doesn’t get much better than this.

View from Hotel Colombina in Venice Italy

Our second floor room featured a large balcony overlooking the canal. The room had sky high ceilings  with beautiful curtains draping over the tall windows. Each room in the hotel features a unique design with gorgeous lighting features and rooftop terraces.

Lobby of Hotel Colombina in Venice Italy

Hotel Colombina in Venice Italy feels comfortable and homey. When you wake, meander down to the green room for a breakfast spread to fuel you before a day of roaming around Venice. In the afternoons, stop by the green room for tea or a cocktail. Hotel Colombina in Venice Italy can also arrange a sunset boat tour around Venice. The boat will pick you up at the hotel and take you all throughout Venice at the prime sunset hour. We opted for the boat tour over a gondola ride. I must say, it undeniably seemed to be a much more pleasant experience!

Room at Hotel Colombina in Venice Italy

Hotel Colombina, I love you and I cannot wait to return to Venice to see you again.

Afternoon Tea Hotel Colombina in Venice Italy

Hotel Colombina in Venice Italy view from canal

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