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January 10, 2018

Guide to: Capri, Italy

Capri is a tiny island off the coast of Italy full of charm. It is known for luxury shopping and hotels, celebrity yachts, limoncello and handmade leather sandals. You might also recognize it for the infamous Blue Grotto, a peaceful cave that reflects electric blue colors. Albeit tiny, there are many things to do in Capri, which is why we put together our list of Best Things to do in Capri. 


Best Things to do in Capri views



We took the earliest ferry in and the latest ferry out, maximizing our time to enjoy the island and experience all of the best things to do in Capri. After disembarking the ferry, we grabbed a taxi to take us on a tour of the island. However, these aren’t normal taxis. They are colorful, open aired cars, somewhat reminiscent of a jeep. We gave our taxi driver orders to take us immediately to the Blue Grotto. As with all tourist attractions, it gets exponentially more crowded as the day continues. While the Blue Grotto is beautiful, it is quite the tourist trap. Here’s a behind the scenes look


Best Things to do in Capri blue grotto


Best Things to do in Capri blue grotto tourist trap


After the Blue Grotto, our taxi driver toured us around the island before taking us to Monte Solaro. This chair lift takes you to the highest point of Capri and offers AMAZING views. And I will say, the ride up is a pretty fun time. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.


Best Things to do in Capri monte solaro


We parted ways with our taxi driver in the main square as he gave us parting advice on where to wander. We stumbled upon Via Krupp, a winding path leading all the way down to Marina Piccola. From there, we meandered in and out of leather shops, came across some very large lemons, and grabbed ourselves a cold, refreshing lemon drink.


Best Things to do in Capri via krupp


Capri is a great place to wander. We did not go into our day trip in Capri with an agenda, but chose to plan the day as we arrived. Of course we had our “must see and dos” but other than that, the day was open for adventure. Sometimes, that is how the best travel memories are formed.


Best Things to do in Capri views from above

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