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December 19, 2017

Guide to: Murano and Burano, Venice, Italy

Unbeknownst to most, Venice has two unique outer islands, Murano and Burano. If you frequent Pinterest, you have probably seen pictures these two hidden jewels. Rarely do they make the typical travel itinerary, but they are well worth the visit. Murano is known for its colored glass and Burano is known for its colored architecture. Both destinations are sure to cheer you up on any given day.

Blue house murano and burano

Murano and Burano are the northern doors of Venice. They only accessible only by boat. The majority of tourists will travel first to Murano and then to Burano. Being the *smart* travelers that we are, we outsmarted the typical tourists and did the opposite. We hopped on a Vaporetto for the 30 minute ride to Burano. It is a beautiful, breezy boat ride across the wide open seas. As you near the island of Burano, you immediately spot the rows of colored houses and understand why it is named as one of the 10 most colorful places in the world. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

We didn’t have an agenda for the day. And that is what I loved about the day. You can easily cover the entire Island by foot in a short amount of time. We took pictures, picked out our favorite houses and searched out the houses that most matched our outfits. We ordered very yummy paninis and ate them while dangling our feet over the water. Sometimes, the best days are the spontaneous, unplanned ones.

From Burano, we ventured 20 minutes by boat to Murano. We walked along the canals, window shopping at each glass shop. Some stores present glass blown trinkets authentic to Murano factories. Others feature custom glass blown pieces for a much higher price. We stumbled upon a lovely jewelry store with glass earrings, necklaces and rings. My mother purchased a gorgeous white glass necklace that will forever remind us of our spontaneous trip to this tiny island.

If you are looking to escape the tourist hustle and bustle of Venice, all you have to do is hop on a Vaporetto boat going straight for Murano and Burano 🙂

colorful houses murano and burano

cobblestone streets murano and burano

canal murano and burano

blue house murano and burano

colorful tiles murano and burano

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