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October 22, 2017

Destination Guide: Sevilla Spain

I am finding it very hard to write about a place that holds such a large piece of my heart. Sevilla, Spain is a special place and I highly recommend a weekend stay at the very least. Sevilla is bursting with authentic culture. Hence, the list of our best things to do in Sevilla Spain is very hard to craft. The city sits on the Guadalquivir river, providing beautiful scenery for riverside bars, restaurants, biking paths, and monuments. One of the things I love about Sevilla is that there is a historic side and a more modern side. Somehow, they seamlessly fit together to create a perfect destination. Here are my must see and do’s in Sevilla. My hope is that you will one day get to experience each and every one.


Best things to do in sevilla spain river



Plaza de Toros: witness a classic Spanish bull fight. Beware, this event is not for the faint of heart. However, it is a meaningful aspect of Spanish culture and history that deserves to be experienced.


Best things to do in sevilla spain plaza de torros


Plaza de España: a massive half circle structure lined with intricate details. The tiled Provincial Alcoves each represent a different province of Spain. Four bridges, representing the four kingdoms of Spain, run over the calm water moat. Free fun fact: The Star Wars series and other popular Hollywood movies filmed at Plaza de España.


Parque de Maria Luisa: Sevilla’s main green space that stretches from the Guadalquivir River to the Plaza de España. The park features tiled fountains, pavilions, walls, ponds, benches, fountains, lakes and much more. The park provided my go-to running paths and my go-to outdoor reading spots.


La Alameda: a promenade that shows off the funkier side of Sevilla. The nightlife is known for being alternative and diverse. It is a popular spot for the locals to get away from tourists. If you are looking to immerse yourself in the local culture, this is worth your visit.

Cathedral de Sevilla: a registered Unesco World Heritage site and the third largest church in the world. It is filled to the brim with history. Construction began in 1184 and there are 80 chapels. Christopher Columbus and his son are buried here. It features the Giralda bell tower, also a Unesco World Heritage site. The magnitude and expansive nature of this historic site surpasses all else.


Best things to do in sevilla spain cathedral


Triana: Sevilla’s colorful old quarter. Triana has breadth of ceramics and potteries. Stroll down the iconic Calle Betis to see Sevilla in animated form. If you are visiting Sevilla during the spring, you might be able to witness Feria de Abril, the annual Sevilla fair.


Real Alcázar: a breathtaking palace that boasts gorgeous rooms, gardens, fountains, ponds and careful architectural details. Pop culture fact: it is used as a location in filming Game of Thrones.


Best things to do in sevilla spain real alcalzar


Barrio Santa Cruz: the historic neighborhood of Sevilla, characterized by narrow streets and cobblestone paths. Meander through these streets. Take your time. Stop in each plaza you stumble upon.


Las Setas: a large wooden structure consisting of six parasols (umbrella like features) built between 2005 and 2009. Levels three and four feature panoramic terraces that offer some of the best views of Sevilla. After you view the city in its entirety, head to level one to explore the market full of unique cultural foods.


Best things to do in sevilla spain las setas



Casa Manolo Leon: an upscale, Chef’s Table experience with an impeccable setting.

El Rinconcillo: the oldest bar in Sevilla, established in 1670. Order the classic Spanish tapas here and fully immerse yourself into the culture of Sevilla.

Bar Manolo: some of the best tapas you will find in Sevilla. Order spinach and garbanzo beans and tortilla de patatas.



Bar Alfalfa: located on the corner of a classic Sevilla street, this bar has inexpensive, yet stellar tapas and drinks aplenty. You will leave feeling like a local.

Bar milaGriTos: tapas with a view located near the Cathedral and center of Sevilla. This spot caught my eye with a chalkboard sign that reads “La vida está hecha de pequeños momentos (life is made up of the little moments). Hit me right in the heart.

La Carboneria: venturing to this place almost feels secretive. It’s a hidden gem of sorts with free flamenco and a captivating atmosphere.

Terraza XIII: located in the Alfonso Hotel, this bar has a colorful outdoor ambiance. Perfect for an afternoon cocktail break.


Best things to do in sevilla spain carboneria


There are many things I love about Spain, and not all of them are in Sevilla. In addition to our best things to do in Sevilla Spain, checkout Madrid, Barcelona, Granada or Ronda to your list while you’re here!

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